The Rikaz Databank

Rikaz is a  applied social research. Rikaz focuses on diagnosing issues related to the Palestinian society in Israel that require research then collecting, analyzing and processing socio-economic information on a regular basis. The majority of the surveys and research conducted in Rikaz are dependent on collecting direct information from the audience in their natural surroundings through personal interviews. It also bases the research and surveys on a large scale of the Palestinian society in Israel, which reflects the pluralism and differences in the society. This refers to the area of residence, the type of town (recognized / unrecognized), and the population composition and demographics.

Rikaz is a reliable and up-to-date source of information that provides an information base for strategic and social planning in the Palestinian society in Israel in various areas of life: education, health, urban planning, environment, and more.

Objectives of Rikaz:

  1. Producing reliable updated and comparative data on the Palestinian society in Israel in the social, economic, health and environmental fields for the purposes of academic research and policy development at the local and national levels.
  2. Enhancing the data produced by surveys and research to draw a comprehensive picture through the use of information from other sources (the Central Bureau of Statistics, the National Insurance Institute, etc.) and making it available to the general public.
  3. Working with strategic decision-makers and following up on the needs of the Palestinian society in Israel, as well as using the available information to develop and change policies and allocate in-kind resources to meet these needs.