Science may set limits on knowledge, but should not set limits on imagination; for we believe that education and knowledge are fundamental pillars for development in several areas, and that dissemination of scientific knowledge goes hand in hand with research. Also, in an effort to narrow the gap between academic research and society and its various components, it was established to be the educational arm of Galilee society, introducing many projects and educational programs that concern students, teachers and the wide public. their aims to enhance imagination and creativity, and to experience the pleasure of exploring.

Goals :

  • – Help develop research skills in students through scientific programs and activities that accompany the world’s leading scientific research.
  • – Promote leadership roles by developing leadership capacities and raising public educational awareness to help advance our society.
  • – Achieve behavioral changes by awareness-raising programs and workshops, in science, environment and sustainability.
  • – Develop educational materials and units, through conducting field research, and based on the results of international research in the field.
  • – Aid with professional development for teachers in the field of scientific education, it will hold training programs and varied courses. These activities are planned and implemented according to high academic standards, with the supervision of the inspection staff and program committees of the Ministry of Education.