Dr. Jamal Daqduqi

Head of the Administrative Board of the Galilee Society. A psychologist and a Director of the Psychological Services Center (Kafr Kana – Bustan Al-Marj).

Dr. Roseland Daeem

Member of the Society’s Administrative Board since 2006, and former Director General of the Galilee Society (2009-2013). She holds a PhD degree in comparative popular culture and descriptive “ethnography”.

Dr. Iyad Khamaisi

Specialist in Internal medicine, gastroenterology   and hepatology. Director of the advanced endoscopy department at the “Rambam” hospital in Haifa. Lecturer at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine – Technion. 

RN Mary Tannous

A retired nurse and Deputy Supervisor General of the Ministry of Health in Acre. One of the founders of Friends to Marrow non-profit organization. Her focus was on genetic counseling and early detection in pregnant women and children.

Professor Zaher Azzam

Head of the Department of Internal Medicine and head of the inpatient ward at Rambam HEalth Care Campus. 

Dr. Mubadda Naoum

Anesthesiologist, director of the anesthesia department and operating rooms at the Saint Vincent De Paul- French Hospital in Nazareth

Engineer Wael Omari

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering, and another bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 

Dr. Nasrin Ghanem Zoubi

Internal medicine and infectious diseases specialist.  Deputy Director of the Infectious Disease Department at the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa. Researcher in infectious diseases endemic to the country.
Professor Muhammad Bashouti
Faculty member (Assistant Professor), and Head of the Molecular Optoelectronics Laboratory at the Environmental physics at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He got his Direct Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and joined Max-Planck for the Science of Light at Erlangen, Germany. 
Nasri Saeed (Engineer)
Specialist in electrical and electronic engineering – Germany. He has many years of experience working with high-tech companies in their early stages. Moreover, he is an expert in working with businesspeople and entrepreneurs. Mr. Saeed co-founded dozens of startup companies, especially in the hardware, medical sciences, and information technology sectors.