World Water Day and the Palestinian community in Israel

The dire health situation and the lack of infrastructure within the Palestinian community in Israel in the early 1980’s has concerned and motivated four brave social entrepreneurs to found and establish the Galilee Society, a nonprofit organization for health research and services. Since then the Galilee Society has grown to become a leading professional organization committed to improving the health, environmental, and socio-economic conditions of the Palestinian citizens in Israel.

The Galilee Society envisions a democratic, progressive and healthy society where the Palestinian citizens in Israel live in dignity and equality in their homeland while preserving their identity and advancing their social and economic development.

To address the proceeding challenges faced by Palestinian society and achieve its goals, the Galilee Society maintains strategic alliances with local, regional, and international bodies, as well as citizens’ committees and professional groups.

The Galilee Society promotes the realization of the Palestinians rights and potential through innovation and entrepreneurship. Since its foundation in the early 1981, the Galilee Society has increased its activities and impact by focusing on applied research and community outreach. Today, under the leadership of the Galilee society, four centers are shaping the progress of the academic and community activities in the Palestinian community. The Health Rights Center has a leading role on rising awareness for health rights, services and education; The Environmental Justice Center is advocating and educating for a green and sustainable environment; The Rikaz Center for Applied Social Research is a unique database for monitoring and researching the Palestinian community; The Institute of Applied Research is home for young and experience academics who focus on biotechnology, water and medicinal chemistry.

For decades, The Galilee Society is playing an important role in the startup ecosystem. For instance, the Galilee Society has incubated more than 8 successful startups in the fields of life science and biotechnology. The Galilee Society not only incubated technology start-ups but also professional and social organizations such as Adalah, Itijah and the Arab Dentists` Association.

The uniqueness and the excellence of the Galilee Society have led to the creation of the following successful start-up companies based on research achievements and know-how:

1) Agrobics (2008): Developing an innovative technology for treatment of agro-industrial wastewater with high organic loading rates. Founder- Dr. Isam Sabbah;

2) Fluorinex (2004): A revolutionary technology providing long-term prevention of dental caries and aesthetic tooth whitening. Founder- Dr. Kamal Khawaled;

3) D-Herb (2002): Development of herbal preparations to treat Diabetes. Founder- Dr. Sobhi Sauob;

4) Synthatex Fine Chemicals (2002): Synthesis of fine chemicals and drug discovery. Founder-Dr. Ahmad Yazbek;

5) Atarex (2000): Development of medical preparations based on medicinal plants. Founder- Dr. Omar Said;

6) Enzymotec (1998): Development of a technology for the improvement and enhancement of enzymes and enzymatic processes. Founder- Dr. Sobhi Bsheer;

7) Antaki (1998): Development of herbal formulations based on traditional Arab medicine. Founder- Dr. Omar Said;

8) Zytona (1997): Enzymatic-based technology for solidification of oil. Founder – Dr. Sobhi Bsheer.