Violence against women – For how long it will continue?

In 2016, the Galilee Society published data on the phenomenon of community violence, especially violence against women. Currently, the Galilee Society has just completed a new research on violence in general in the Arab society, with a focus on violence against women.

The data showed that 36% of the women in the North were abused, compared with 22.2% in the Haifa area, 23% in the Center and 26% in the South. The percentage of violence against women in the mixed residential communities reached 60.8% in total, where 59.1% were subjected to psychological violence and 20.9% to physical violence.

Data from the current research of the Rikaz Center in the Galilee Society indicates that:

  • Approximately 105,000 Arab women experienced some form of violence during the last year (2018(.
  • Approximately 20,000 Arab women have been sexually abused or harassed during the past year (2018(.
  • About 67,000 Arab women have been subjected to violence through social media channels (2018).
  • About 230,000 Arab women (47.2%) reported that they did not feel safe and were threatened with violence (2018).

And the violence assaults continue to spread within the Arab society!!

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