University of Haifa Delegation Visit the Galilee Society

A delegation from the University of Haifa administration paid a visit to the Galilee Society to learn more about the work of the Applied Research Institute and its researchers, as well as to discuss possible partnerships and collaborations between the Institute and the University of Haifa’s various departments.

The delegation was led by the Rector Professor Gur Alroey, accompanied by Professor Ido Izhaki the Vice President and Dean of Research and Development, Mr. Tamir Frank the Director of the Research Authority, Professor Assaf Distelfeld the Director of the Institute of Evolution, Professor Meir Yaish from the Sociology Department, and Dr. Maya Negev from the Department of Public Health.

to learn more about the work of the Applied Research Institute and its researchers

During the meeting, Dr. Manal Haj Zaroubi – Scientific Director of the Applied Research Institute at the Galilee Society presented the Galilee Society’s ongoing scientific research in different fields such as microbiology and nanotechnology, as well the and social research, which includes extensive statistical surveys in various areas of life related to the Arab community. In addition, she mentioned the recent establishment of the Science Education Center in the Galilee Society, which aims to raise community awareness of the subject of science and develop students’ scientific research skills through educational, cultural, and scientific activities. She also discussed the European Union-funded project “Harnessing Professional Expertise and Localized Knowledge for Collaborative Climate Resilience in Shefa-‘Amr,” which is managed by the Galilee Society’s Environmental Justice Department in collaboration with Haifa University and Shefa-‘Amr Municipality.

For their part, the representatives from the University of Haifa presented the various departments of the university. Professor Gur Alroey emphasized the fact that Haifa University has recently prioritized research on the sustainability of environmental resources, and he praised the work of the Galilee Society’s Applied Research Institute in this field, as well as the importance of developing research partnerships between the Galilee Society and the University of Haifa.

The two parties highlighted the importance of these visits in examining the possibilities for scientific collaboration between the University of Haifa and the Galilee Society for the benefit of the Arab community and the society at large.