Unity and Diversity in Nature and Society


The main vision of this project is sustainability of human and natural systems by leveraging actions that enhance diversity (agricultural, human, natural). Basically, we increase respect for ourselves, for each other (regardless of background, nationality, gender etc), and for nature. Funded by the EU Peace Initiative, the three year project leverages resources of the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability (PIBS) at Bethlehem University, the Palestine Center for Rapprochement (PCR), and the Galilee society (GS) to create three regional centers: a Biodiversity Center (BC), a Human Diversity Center (HDC), and an Education center (EC). While located at those three organizations they operate and function via collaboration on areas of research, service, conservation, and learning towards behavioral change.

Collectively and through establishing the centers the partners aim to achieve these goals:

  1. BC, HDC, and EC established and serve in regional capacity enhancing research and building human capacity towards conservation of human and biological diversity.
  2. Sustained networking, engagement, and cooperation with key stakeholders in the fields of research, education, environment, biodiversity, agriculture, anthropology, cultural heritage leading to sustainable human and natural communities.
  3. Behavioral change among school and university students as well as the wider community on issues of diversity and sustainability (for people and nature).


-School and University students

-Teachers (at colleges, universities and schools)


-Local authorities especially those dealing with environmental issues

-The wider community of people especially in marginalized communities (remote villages, disenfranchised minorities, women, children)

-The fauna and flora of the region