The National Committee Of Heads Of Arab Local Authorities Endorses The Scientific Research Of The Galilee Society


On July 24, 2018, the Secretariat of the National Committee of Heads of Arab Local Authorities, held a meeting at the HQ of the Galilee Society in Shafa’amr.
During the meeting, which was opened and head by head of the committee and mayor of Sakhnin, Mazen Ghanaim, a number of important topics were discussed.
The meeting commenced with the Secretariat of the National Committee discussing the recent violent house demolition in Sakhnin and the overall policy of demolishing Arab houses and the new ‘National Law’. The decision to demolish this house was rejected and condemned and the policy of demolishing Arab houses is considered a crime and that this policy needs to be challenged and confronted, by supporting and implementing the decisions of the High Follow Up Committee on this matter. It was decided to reject the “National Law” as a “natural” result and a clear result of the latest series of laws and legislation that transcend racism towards fascism. It was emphasized that the policy of demolishing Arab homes is one of the serious manifestations of this law.
The Director General of the Galilee Society, Baker Awawdy, welcomed the audience and gave a comprehensive review on the role of the organization and the importance of scientific research in all aspects of life. He stressed the need to support this research and have a practical contribution to its development. The Secretariat decided to adopt the research at the Galilee Society, as a scientific reference and professional tool, for the National Committee, the Arab local authorities and leaders of the Arab community, and gave the initial approval for financially supporting the Galilee Society through the local Arab authorities. The details of this support will be finalized and decided upon by the secretariat later on.
The National Committees initiative and charter on the Arab Local Authorities Elections have been adopted, with the aim of publishing it in cooperation and coordination with a number of bodies and institutions.
The committee’s secretariat discussed the issue of preparations for the new school year, the demands and needs of Arab educational schools and institutions were identified, with the representatives of the follow up committee on Arab education. It was also decided to define mechanisms for following up the implementation of the “Five-Year Development Plan of the Arab Society”, in accordance with Government Decision No. 922, through the professional staff of the National Committee.
Representatives of the Ministry for Social Equality and the National Emergency Authority were also present at this meeting. They participated in discussion on the issues of developing and strengthening the immunity of the Arab cities and villages in the country and their needs and preparations for emergencies such as wars and natural disasters.

The National Committee strongly condemned the recent attack on the Mayor of Kafr Yasif, Awni Touma, and confirmed its rejection and condemnation of the all attacks on heads of local authorities and the public, and called on the police to shoulder their responsibilities.

The Secretariat of the National Committee decided once again unanimously to stress that they are one of the main components in the establishment of the Higher Follow-up Committee. It is essential that it remains as a partner in decision-making and implementation, and called for the need to coordinate in advance with the National Committee. The Secretariat also called for the official and direct approval of the Director of the Bureau of the National Committee as a representative of the National Committeewithin the framework of the Higher Follow-up Committee, especially in the executive bodies, such as the party secretaries and the follow-up committee.

With regards,
Office of the National Committee