The Galilee Society Wins Excellence and Quality at Work Award

The Galilee Society has won an excellency and quality at work award as part of a program  under the same name initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Industry in cooperation with the Manufacturer’s Association in the north, as well as other institutions.

The Galilee Society joined this program last year with the aim of improving the work management and the management quality in the Society. Throughout 2016, the Society implemented an effective financial and management plan which lead to it receiving the award. The GS was visited by two external supervisors and representatives from the program who examined the management structures and their quality.

Upon receiving the award, Baker Awawdy, Director of the Galilee Society, said, “This achievement has come at the same time as a declaration by our internal financial auditor that this year (2016) is among the best financial and managerial years of the Society. I would like to dedicate this award to the board, management, and staff of the Galilee Society, and to thank them for their efforts over the many years, and their distinctive, hard work which must not be taken for granted and which helped in our winning this award. I would also like to dedicate this award to the Arab community in general, whom the Society represents as an Arab national organisation for Research and health services in the Arab community. It is an honour and a great achievement.”