The Galilee Society Newsletter

We are pleased to present you with a monthly newsletter sharing the most important events and activities of the Galilee Society. We hope and anticipate that this newsletter will serve as a network of communication between us and enhance the role and importance of scientific and social research in bringing about change at the community and national levels.

The Galilee Society’s research on community violence in this country has commenced!!

The Galilee Society has commenced work on a wide-scale field research and survey on community violence in Palestinian society in the country.

We are currently conducting a broad field study and comprehensive survey on community violence and crime in our society, through Rikaz, our Center for Applied Social Research. Rikaz staff will utilize a scientific approach in dealing with this crisis, starting from information gathering to data analysis. The information produced will be central in building programs and plans, and guide and inform solutions. The Galilee Society will use Rikaz’s data to mobilize stakeholders to demand and direct resources towards creating a proper solution to the violence crisis affecting Palestinian society in Israel.


Lecture on Intellectual property and Patent Registration

On July 19, attorney Amit Cohen, a patent and intellectual property expert, gave a lecture at the Galilee Society. Amit has vast experience writing and submitting patent applications for startup companies. In her work she managed the intellectual property file in private companies, and advises on various other applications.

In her lecture Amit spoke about the definition of intellectual property and how it is protected under the law and the patent registration process. The lecture included high profile cases as examples and tips on when to consult with a patent attorney (hint: the moment you come up with an idea).

 Baker Awawdy Director General of the Galilee Society: “Specify the number of patients per doctor and raise doctors’ salaries”The Galilee Society participated in a session of the Committee for the Employment of Arabs and Social Equality headed by MP Ahmad Tibi, head of the Arab Movement for Change Party. During the meeting, the main challenges in promoting the health of the Arab population and the immediate need for change towards a healthy lifestyle were discussed at the initiative of MP Tibi and the Arab Community Health Development Association, headed by Prof. Bishara Bisharat.Baker Awawdy, director general of the Galilee Society, raised an important issue during the session about the Arab citizen’s dependence on their doctor as their main reference for health. Unfortunately, the large number of patients in each medical clinic leads to superficial treatment and patients do not receive proper service. He asked for the number of patients registered with each doctor to be reduced, for example to 800 instead of 3000, and for the doctors’ wages to be raised.In addition, Baker gave a review of the extensive research conducted by the Galilee Society on the health status of the Arab society, including cancer, and the many data available to decision makers in this regard.


Discussions on cooperation between the Galilee Society and the Arab American University

The Galilee Society and the Arab American University in Jenin recently met to discuss potential means of cooperation and to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two organizations. Proposed initiatives in include holding specialized lectures in the fields of education and health and participating together on research studies and analysis. This may also include engaging university students and faculty members in conducting research and scientific studies, and assisting MA students in selecting theses in the field of life sciences.

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