The Galilee Society Leads a Comprehensive Research on COVID-19 and its Repercussions


In recent days, the Galilee Society began carrying out a comprehensive field research on the COVID-19 epidemic in the Arab community, as a continuation of its work in monitoring the social, economic and health conditions of the Palestinian soviety in Israel.

In light of the recent spread of the epidemic in the country in general and in the Arab community in particular, the Galilee Society believes there is a great need to conduct scientific research in order to monitor and analyze information that can later help build programs and strategic plans to find proper solutions.

This research is carried out through personal telephone interviews that include a composite sample of more than 1500 people representing all segments of society beyond the age of 18 years and all geographical regions. As we see the utmost importance of organized scientific studies in our Arab society, we envision our people to respond to such studies by responding and providing information in the interest of this society. It should be noted that the research team consists of Dr. Muhammad Khatib (research team leader), Dr. Yvonne Mensbach, Mr. Ahmed Al Sheikh Mohamed (Director General of the Galilee Society), and Ms. Doaa Zaid (Research Coordinator).+