The Galilee Society launches its annual scientific conference – 2020

October 15, 2020


Due to the current conditions of COVID-19, The Institute of Applied Research of the Galilee Society – the Arab National Society for Health Research and Services, held its annual scientific conference on October 15th through Zoom.

This conference is considered an annual ceremony that is frequented by a wide and diverse audience of all spectrums of interest in science and education. The conference included speeches from the Director General of the Galilee Society, Mr. Ahmed Al-Sheikh, followed by the representatives of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Irit Sadeh, the biology inspector, Mr. Mustafa Othman, the representative of the environmental inspector, Ms. Samia Abu Khait, and the representative of the Ministry of Science, Mrs. Renate Shibrin, director of the science and society section. The conference was organized by the researcher at the Galilee Society, Dr. Sari Asli ,while Mr. Faris Halahleh from the Galilee Society was responsible for the technical issues and for moderating the conference.

The conference consisted of four sessions: research on scientific education, discussion of notable scientific research, extraction of valuable materials from waste, while the last session concerned research related to public health in the Arab community.

Many researchers and representatives of different universities in the country participated in the conference, in addition to a large number of high school teachers from the Arab and Jewish community, as well as representatives of various ministries and applied research centers in the country.

The research presentations were based on the results of research conducted under the supervision of a staff of scientists and researchers at the Research Institute of the Galilee Society. The conference adopted a pioneering role based on presenting a new batch of research, means of implementing it, and methods of applying it to the public of teachers in particular.

The participants expressed their admiration for the content and content of the presentations and the new perspectives they showed that are helpful for students and could be applied in school.