The Galilee Society is currently carrying out a huge research on community violence in the country

The Galilee Society has commenced work on a wide-scale field research and survey on community violence in Arab society in this country. This research follows on from our many years’ work monitoring the social, economic and health conditions of Palestinian society in the country. We monitor and study urgent and pressing societal phenomena within our Arab villages and cities.

Violence is a dangerous phenomenon that threatens the cohesion and resilience of our society and puts it on the verge of collapse. It is a scourge that spreads among the members of society in all its components and structures and eliminates the necessary values for a healthy society. This research will begin with monitoring and analyzing the information. This data is then used to form a basis in building strategic programs and plans, presenting appropriate solutions and placing them on the agenda of decision makers. This leads to ensuring the necessary commitments and resources are employed in the right direction for change.

The Galilee Society will survey individuals across the country to monitor the phenomenon of violence. If approached by our surveyors, we appeal to our society to cooperate and participate in providing the required information. You will assist us in realizing this important achievement which will contribute to changing the current situation. Utmost consideration and care will be given to maintaining the absolute confidentiality of all information monitored.