Prof. Ali Fattom

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, Founder/Principal, Avicenna Biologics Consulting, MI, Former Chief Scientific Officer, Bluewillow Biologics, Ann Arbor, MI, “Who needs a new Omicron-Specific Covid-19 vaccine?”. 04/07/2022.

Dr. Somaya Falah

Estimation of PM2.5 concentrations by fusion of multiple Earth observation satellite products”. 26/05/2022

Prof. Shimon Gepstein

Professor Emeritus of the Technion – Israel Inst. of Technology Currently acts as the President of Kinneret College at the Sea of Galilee, Israel, “From survival to plant’s productivity mode: Cytokinins allow avoiding the avoidance strategy and improve yield under environmental stress conditions”, 15/09/2022

Dr. Hamoudi Khalaily

Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) , ”Motza Excavations and the Discovery of a Unique Mega site west of Jerusalem”. 27/10/2022.

Prof. Moshe Gophen

“The Hula valley and Lake Kinneret: Ecological Co-Existence”. 28/11/2022.

Prof. Dr. Samir Droby

ARO, The Volcani Center, Israel ” Harnessing the fruit microbiome for the development of next generation biological control technologies”. 12/12/2022