Chief Scientist Visits The Galilee Society


The Galilee Society welcomed, in a special visit, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space, Professor Alexander Bligh, and his deputy Dr. Hagit Shifmar,  who came to learn about the Institute of Applied Research, its current research projects, and the Galilee Society as a whole.

Professor Bligh was joined by a delegation including his administrative manager Aviel Avraham, as well as the scientists Dr. Ayalah Shtraus, a specialist in Energy and Chemistry; Dr. Yossi Caliba, Sociologist and Biotechnologist; Dr. Fadel Saleh Physicist and Mathematician; Dr. Moshe Ben Shoshan Environmentalist, Agriculturalist, and water expert; and Dr. Sharon Yagur Carol, Director of the medical sciences department. The delegation met with Mr. Baker Awawdy, Director of the Galilee Society, and the entire staff of the Applied Research Institute for a brainstorming session about possible future cooperations.

The visit included a tour of the laboratories, where a presentation about the Institute’s research was given. Dr. Jeries Jadoun, Scientific Director of the Institute, spoke about the Institute’s work: “The Institute for Applied Research was founded in July 1995, and it is considered to be the first scientific project of its kind in the Arab-Palestinian society inside of Israel.” The research teams at the Institute include researchers, research assistants, and university students who are working in cooperation with local and international institutions in the fields of biotechnology, health, environmental biotechnology, environmental engineering, medicinal plants, and renewable energy.

In its research the Institute focuses on water treatment, use of wastewater and agricultural waste as a source of alternative energy, biological suitability of natural materials extracted from plants, and the discovery of medicines. This as well as studying environmental and health issues, specifically those which affect the Arab population, with the aim of growing the economy and technology of the Arab community, encouraging and growing the scientific spirit in the younger generations, and offering counsel to organizations and initiatives. In addition, the Institute also researches new cost-effective treatments to olive pomace and household and industrial wastewater, issues that form an environmental challenge locally and internationally.

Dr. Jeries Jadoun also suggested different ideas and points which could help develop the scientific research at the institute, as well as advance the researchers, especially newcomers to the field.

Chief Scientist Professor Alexander Bligh expressed his interest in this meeting saying, “I am very to glad to have made this visit and that I had the chance to learn about your professional work and diligence in both the scientific and the social field. I very highly appreciate  your efforts and your great achievements which are helping advance both the Arab society and the Israeli society as a whole.”

Lastly, Mr. Baker Awawdy, the Director General of the Galilee Society, commended the visit and spoke about the different departments and services which the GS offers, such as the social research done by Rikaz and the activities of the Health and Environmental Justice Center. He then invited the Ministry’s continued contribution and support in ensuring the GS continues to be a leader in the scientific and research fields in the Arab society and the world.