Volunteering and Internship

The Galilee Society is committed to working with leaders for social change at the grassroots, national, and international levels.


There are several possibilities for us to work together and contribute to the development of our society, so if you want to develop a project and want to cooperate with us, it is our pleasure in the Galilee Society to cooperate with you and provide resources and expertise.

Please send a brief attached letter explaining the project idea as well as other professional information related to you via email to: admin@gal-soc.org


The Galilee Society encourages applications of university students and recent graduates for a training period (internship) on a rolling basis.

If you are socially active, committed to human rights, have a concern for the Palestinian community in Israel, and you have the ability to commit to at least 10 hours per week for a period of 3 months at least, then we are happy if you approach us. Please read the job specification below and study our work carefully before submitting your internship / application request.

job description:

Working with the Department of Resource Development and Public Relations, it requires the intern to conduct research to develop projects related to the Galilee Society’s work in the fields of environment, health and social development.

In each field, the intern is expected to demonstrate diligence, accuracy, high analytical ability and writing skills.

Together with the resource development and public relations staff, the intern will contribute to collecting publications in English for the organization including bulletins, reports, articles, regular pamphlets and correspondence with donors and partners. The position may also include writing and organizing events, monitoring programs and reporting.

To complete a professional internship with the Galilee Society, please send your CV by e-mail to: admin@gal-soc.org


Thank you!