Various science workshops

The staff of the Galilee Society’s Science Education Center conducted two environmental workshops as part of two educational units for 12th graders, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Education. The first workshop, titled “Biological Diversity in the Environment Surrounding the Beach”, was held on the Mediterranean coast at Timarim Beach in Acre. During the workshop, the students learned about the type of beach they are on, whether it is rocky or sandy, as well as the various types of living creatures and plants, as well as their development environment. In addition to the search for traces indicating the presence of animals, the staff and the students conducted tests for the temperature and humidity of the beach. The second workshop was titled “The Aquatic Environment in the Mediterranean,” and it included chemical and physical tests for the quality of Mediterranean water, such as measuring salinity in different parts of the sea and the degree of turbidity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, nitrite, and phosphate  

Science workshop for Grade 3 (B) – Turaan Primary School

Science workshop for Grade 3 (B) – Turaan Primary School Last week, instructors from the Galilee Society’s Science Education Center held a science workshop for grade 3(B) students at Turaan Primary School, which included exciting and informative activities and experiments that corresponded to the topics they’re learning in science class. Among the most important experiments were:

1- Use citrus in a sink/float experiment to learn about the term “density”. 2- Learn about the phrase thermal conduction by experimenting with a fireproof balloon. 3- Use the Color Density Tower to learn about the density and weights of various materials.