Researcher Dr. Manal Haj Zarobi Director Of Scientific Research Center At The Galilee Society

The Galilee Society appointed the researcher Dr. Manal Haj Zarobi as the Director of Applied Research Institute in the Galilee Society, succeeding Dr. Jeries Jadoun, who held this position for 4 years. Dr. Haj Zarobi is the first woman to be appointed to this important position in the Galilee Society.

This appointment is a new starting point for the Galilee Society, which will serve the future vision and objectives of the Galilee Society. Regarding the success of her work as a senior researcher in the Galilee Society, Mr. Baker Awawdy added: “We are very confident that Dr. Manal will be able to lead this high position, and we are all proud of her to be the first female scientific director in the Galilee Research Center since its inception.

Dr. Manal Haj Zarobi holds a first degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry and a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Technical University Munich TUM in Germany.

Dr. Manal joined the Galilee Society in 2016. As a researcher, she held a postdoctoral research project in the field of bio-technology, in which she explored how to convert agricultural waste from polluting materials into environmentally friendly materials. In addition, she analyzed and determined the chemical form of organic substances, which are bio-effective, resulting from different plant extracts.