New resaerch

Development of a stable biotechnological process for the production of “clean” biogas for transportation by anaerobic digestion of food industry wastewater based on hybrid high rate anaerobic bio-system with immobilized Candida Rugosa fungus.

(Dr. Sare Asli (PI) and Dr. Jeries Jadoun (Co-PI); Fund: MOEP; Grant Amount: 412,258 NIS, Project Duration: 3 years)

Unity and diversity in nature and society. (Dr. Sare Asli (PI), Bethlehem University (PI); Center for Human Convergence, Bethlehem Palestine; Fund: EU Peace building Initiative (EUPI); Grant Amount: 851,524.80 €, (GS part ~ 250,000 €; Project Duration: 3 years)

Decentralised Composting in Small Towns «DECOST». (Prof. Isam Sabbah, and partners from Italy, Spain, Greece, Jordan and Palestine; Fund: ENI CBC MED PROGRAMME; Budget: 3,011,231 €, GS part 192,075 €); Project Duration: 3 years

ULTIMATE: indUstry water-utiLiTy for a sMarter wATer society. (Prof. Isam Sabbah and Dr. Katie Baransi-Karkaby; European partners; Fund: Horizon 2020; GS Grant Amount: 407,000 €; Project Duration: 3 years, starts in 2020)