School Cleanup Day in Shefa-‘Amr

The Galilee Society organized a cleanup day in Shefa-‘Amr primary schools, in cooperation with the Shefa-‘Amr municipality and with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Throughout the day, the Galilee Society organized an awareness media campaign on hygiene and cleanup entitled: “Shefa-‘Amr – we want it green.” This campaign aimed to raise awareness on the issue of environmental cleanup, protect open and public areas, and enhance the value and importance of cleanliness for the individual and society. The campaign included publishing awareness banners in primary schools in the city, and posts on social media pages, in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of cleanliness and preserving the environment in the city.

The day included educational, environmental and health awareness activities in Shefa-‘Amr primary schools, lectures on the importance of the environment in our lives, lectures on waste separation and documentaries on the impact of humans on the environment.

It is worth mentioning that the cleanup day activities were sponsored by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Department of Education and the municipality of Shefa-‘Amr.