Galilee Society Wins Second Year Innovation Authority Support Within Scientech Project to Support Initiatives

We are pleased to announce that we received support for the second consecutive year from the Innovation Authority and the Economic Development Authority, as part of the ScienTech project to support initiatives.

It’s important to mention that the ScienTech accelerator project, a key initiative by the Galilee Society, was chosen by the Innovation Authority and the Economic Development Authority for Minorities as one of the top six projects in a program designed to support initiatives in the high-tech sector. These winning projects are set to receive funding from these authorities to further their development and ensure their professional continuity.

Launched in 2021, the ScienTech accelerator is dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs and business leaders in the life sciences field. We provide support at all professional stages, from the ideation phase to securing funding and launching the venture.

Having successfully graduated our first and second cohorts, we are currently engaged in intensive work and workshops with our third cohort. Our journey does not end here. We are excited to soon open registrations for our fourth cohort and warmly invite all aspiring and innovative minds to join us in this path of excellence and success.

If you have an innovative idea in life sciences and are seeking comprehensive professional support and funding, this is an incredible opportunity you shouldn’t miss! Stay tuned for the upcoming registration opening on our website, where you will find more details. 📝

Committed to fostering innovative initiatives and entrepreneurship in life sciences, the Galilee Society invites you to be a part of ScienTech… 💡