Institute for Applied Research invites you to participate in the Bio Waste Form

The recycling rate in Israel has not exceeded 20%, and the planned “recycling goals” have not been achieved, to date, despite all the efforts that have been made, especially in the field of organic waste recycling within the “separation at source” project, which was launched in 2011 and stopped in 2016. This obligates all of us to develop systems that reduce the high economic and environmental costs of waste!

In 2019, the Institute for Applied Research (IAR) at the Galilee Society, as a partner in the DECOST project, supported by the European Union, and in cooperation with partners from the Mediterranean basin countries, began studying the possibility of developing and improving organic waste management through decentralized composting systems, especially composting. The IAR has done this through an in-depth study of the challenges and obstacles, as well as the alternatives and opportunities, using an innovative GIS model developed in cooperation with the Samuel Neaman Institute.

Within the framework of the project, the IAR will hold a Bio-Waste Forum, which aims to present visions and possible opportunities in the field of organic waste management, through independent specialists from the IAR, Samuel Neaman, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Municipality of Shefa-Amr, as well as environmental consultants and entrepreneurs this field.

The forum will be held at the Galilee Society facilities in Shefa-Amr, on March 13, 2023, between 9:00 and 14:00.