Galilee Society’s Conference on “Learning and Teaching Science in a Diverse Environment”

The Science Education Center at the Galilee Society held a conference on Tuesday October 19, entitled: “Learning and Teaching Science in a Diverse Environment”.

This conference, is a cooperation between the Science Education Center at the Galilee Society with Bethlehem University, the Palestinian Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability and the Palestinian Reapproachment Center, and it is the first of its kind for the Center and is part of the “Unity and Diversity in Environment and Society” project funded by the European Union. This conference aims to present the research work carried out by the partners in the project, which in turn aim to raise awareness and spread scientific and environmental knowledge and culture in the community.

The conference included many different scientific lectures resulting from the Diversity in Environment and Society project, which were presented by a number of the best researchers and lecturers in this field, among them Dr. Sare Asli, Professor Muhammad Hugerat, Professor Mazen Qumsieh, Dr. Muhammad Diab and other notable names.

A group of high school teachers who teach the subjects of ecology, biology, and other science subjects participated in the conference, in addition to researchers and those interested. The conference took place in the Galilee Society and was also broadcasted online for those who could not attend.