The Galilee Society launches its annual scientific conference


The Institute for Applied Research of the Galilee Society, held its annual scientific conference, today, Thursday, 10 October 2019. The conference focused on presenting the latest developments and results of the ongoing scientific research in the organization, as well as on enhancing the importance of scientific research in our Arab society, especially among the young generation. This is necessary as it comes in light of the societal conditions that our society suffers from the spread of the scourge of violence. Hence, we decided through this conference to shed light on another important and bright aspect of our society that would show the tremendous scientific capabilities that exist in our society despite the difficult circumstances. The attendees included various science and environment researchers, inspectors from the Education Ministry, in addition to high school teachers and instructors.

Mr. Ahmad Al-Sheikh, Director General of the Galilee Society, opened his speech with welcoming the honorable attendees, and indicating that the Galilee Association puts efforts into bringing science and scientific research methods closer to students in schools and to teachers through conferences, complementary courses and other activities offered by the organization. In this context, researcher Dr. Manal Haj Zaroubi, Scientific Director of the Galilee Society, talked about the importance of shedding light on research and science and on the capabilities existing in our Palestinian society in this field. She added that the research conducted was actually based on the needs of this very society and designed to seek appropriate solutions for issues  such as environmental pollution, wastewater and more. Dr. Haj Zaroubi also added, “We need to enhance the scientific and research side of our students in schools through the involvement and participation of teachers in such conferences as they form a link and a connection between researchers in the Galilee Society and the students.”

Dr. Sari Asli, a researcher at the Galilee Society and the Conference Coordinator, said in his speech that what distinguishes this conference for this year is the new activities and workshops that could be implemented in schools with students, in addition to the presentations of different research that were conducted at the Galilee Society.

The conference featured several lectures and presentations of various scientific research, in addition to presentations of research papers for masters and doctoral students on the effect of oxygen diffusion on groups of nitrogen-oxidizing bacteria within a biological apparatus for partial oxidation of nitrogen, which was presented by Mrs. Anwaar Masalha, a doctoral student and a research assistant at the Galilee Society. Furthermore, Mrs. Sabreen Haj Awwad, a master’s student and a research assistant at the Galilee Society, presented another paper on using olive turbidity to develop bacteria and yeasts to be used in industry. The conference also included a presentation to discuss the relationship of wastewater treatment systems to the spread of antibiotic-resistant genes and bacteria in the environment, which was presented by Dr. Jeries Jadoun, a researcher at the Galilee Society.