ULTIMATE Project Annual Meeting 2022


Professor Isam Sabbah, Dr. Katie Baransi-Karkaby and Dr. Nedal Massalha, representing the Galilee

Society and AgRobics, attended the Annual Meeting within the ULTIMATE project. The meeting was held .in Utrecht, Holland, on June 20-21, 2022

ULTIMATE stands for “Industry Water-Utility Symbiosis for a Smarter Water Society”. The project aims at developing, building, implementing and optimizing new technologies to clean wastewater, and to recover valuable nutrients and energy (heat and biogas). Sources of the wastewater include agro-food and beverage processing, heavy chemical / petrochemical industries, and biotech industrial sectors.

ULTIMATE is a project that is funded by the European Union, with nine (9) large-scale demonstration cases in nine (9) different countries. The project brings together 26 partners from 10 countries in Europe, in addition to Israel. including businesses, water service providers, regulators and policy makers. The Galilee Society, AgRobics and Mekorot are the three partners from Israel.

During the interactive poster session within the meeting, Katie, Nedal and Isam presented the theme, design, construction, operation, and monitoring of the two pilot sites at Karmiel and Shafdan, within Case Study 6. The representatives of the Galilee Society and AgRobics (a Galilee Society spin-off) took an active part in the different meetings, sessions and discussions.