Formal Opening of the Science Education Center at the Galilee Society

The aim of the opening was to announce the launch of the Science Education Center as part of the Unity and Diversity Project in Nature, a joint research project between the Galilee Society, Bethlehem University and the Center for Human Diversity – Beit Sahour.

The opening ceremony was attended by a group of school teachers, employees of Arab local authorities, researchers, research assistants and those interested in the subject.

The celebration was opened with a welcoming speech delivered by Mr. Ahmed Sheikh Mohammed, Director General of the Galilee Society. Then a brief introduction about the Center for Science Education, which was delivered by Dr. Sare Asli who explained the reasons behind the establishment of this center, and the planned activities. He also stressed the importance of joining hands with the community for the success of the daily activities in the center.

The opening included a tour of the center’s corners, and illustrative excerpts of the scientific principles that are presented at each corner in the center.

The meeting concluded with a workshop of medicinal herbs, natural creams and soap, during which several medicinal and aromatic plants were presented, such as oregano, sage, anise, lavender, rosemary, and more. During this workshop, the attendees learned about the importance of each plant and prepared different herbal mixtures.