The actions of the Israeli government and its preparation for the climate crisis


This special audit report on the Israeli government’s actions and preparations for the climate crisis is on the Knesset table and is presented to the public ahead of the COP26 World Climate Conference, which will convene in early November 2021, in the midst of policy decisions. Accompany us for decades to come.

The uniqueness of this audit report lies in several aspects. One, the State Audit Office has chosen to address the issue that is emerging, out of a forward-looking view and out of a desire to provide decision makers with a comprehensive document that will help them prepare for and deal with this multidimensional issue. Second, the report includes an analysis of the risk array in various areas – including financial risks, physical risks and geopolitical risks, and points to the need to assimilate these risks in the threat of national attribution and address all of their strategic issues required by the government. Third, the chapters of the report address this issue on several levels: the inter-ministerial level, which includes dozens of government ministries and public bodies; The sectoral level – public, private and civil; The sectoral level that includes economic sectors such as energy and transportation; And the international level. These planes are intertwined and complement a peripheral examination of the subject. Fourth, from the perception that the State Audit traces root problems, the concluding chapter of this report contains, among other things, an analysis of the organizational and functional gaps that dealing with them can contribute to the improvement of government activity in climate change.

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